Ocusweep tests

Ocusweep tests help you understand how your vision functions in everyday situations: how you observe your surroundings, how clear your sight is and how quickly you are able to react to situations e.g. while driving, working, or participating in sports. This is called functional vision.

Near Vision

With good near vision, you can see the text sharply while using a mobile phone or reading a book. With a weak result, your eyes are forced to work a lot and you tire quickly when inspecting objects at close range.

Distance Vision

Your distance vision is good if you are capable of separating things precisely at a distance of over three metres. Weak distance vision makes seeing objects such as traffic signs difficult from far away.

Terminal Vision

Measuring terminal vision tells about your capability of separating things clearly at working distances, for example on your computer screen.

Contrast Vision

Good contrast vision means that you see clearly. Lights, shadows and colours stand out clearly for you. Weak contrast vision causes cloudiness and weakens the possibility to see and recognize objects, especially in poor weather and under dim conditions.

Visual Field Integrity

Deficiencies in the visual field are not necessarily noticed in everyday life, because the brain fills in the deficiencies using the background image. If deficiencies are detected in the visual field, further examinations are recommended.

Reaction Time

Vision based reaction time relates the speed of interaction between the eyes, brain and hands. It also reflects the processing speed of the brain.

Height of Visual Field

Good height of visual field is necessary for noticing things at upper and lower extremes of your vision. This enables you to turn your direct gaze towards potential threats quickly. It is difficult to notice limitations in visual field – you never know what you are missing.

Width of Visual Field

A wide visual field is necessary for noticing things happening towards the edges of your vision. Only then it is possible to turn your gaze and recognize the potential threat. However, shortcomings in the width of visual field are usually not noticed because one does not know what it is that one fails to see.

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